Fire Protection - Backflow Preventers

Backflow testing is a building requirement

Get the right backflow prevention testing

A backflow preventer is a device that is installed on the sprinkler system so that water will be able to go through it in one direction only. This device is designed to prevent this same water from coming backwards in the opposite direction. This one-way direction for the water flow is important to maintaining a clean water supply. Water that is used for the sprinkler systems is not the same water that is used for drinking and this sprinkler water could have contamination and pollution. The backflow preventer is important to blocking pollution to the building drinking water supply due to the water reversing directions and flowing backward. Backflow prevention also protects contaminating the city’s water supply.

A backflow system must be certified and tested every year. The requirements for backflow preventer testing will depend on the local jurisdictions. Our certified technicians make sure that your company gets the correct backflow prevention testing your city requires. We make sure that the backflow preventers are working properly. Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your facility. Our service technicians will provide recommendations for your facility that follow the strict national, state and local requirements.

Backflow Preventer Services Include:

  • Regular scheduled inspections and maintenance
  • New customer backflow inspection and repair service
  • New installation for remodeling of existing sprinkler systems when needed
  • Testing for building contractors for building permit certificate for occupancy.

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