Fire Protection - Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a building requirement

And so are scheduled service and maintenance

Emergency lighting is essential but often forgotten until a catastrophe happens. When an emergency occurs, the immediate evacuation from a building is not easy without light. This is why there are evacuation procedures that are mandatory in workplaces. It is easier for people to move faster down illuminated pathways that have the proper emergency signage. Emergency signage needs be easy to be seen and understood. The international fire code for buildings does not permit any decorations or furnishing that obstruct seeing the exit signage or that could create confusion during an evacuation. Emergency lights must be correctly positioned in a building to ensure that there is adequate lighting when needed. These lights are required to derive power from a power source that is always active.

Emergency lighting systems are required to have scheduled service and maintenance inspections. Qualified electrical technicians must perform these inspections. Our certified technicians help ensure that your emergency exit lights meet all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the local code requirements. Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your facility. Our service technicians will provide recommendations for your facility that follow the national, state and local requirements.

Emergency Lighting Services Include:

  • New installation
  • Testing and inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Critical parts stocking
  • Parts replacement
  • Equipment repair
  • Equipment replacement
  • Emergency service

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